Is “Retrogamerholics Anonymous” a thing?

If so, where do I sign up? ย ๐Ÿ™‚

I reckon every month I tell myself to stop buying retrogaming gear… yet somehow I still managed to buy all of this, just in February ๐Ÿ˜€

And this is not an unusual month ย ๐Ÿ™‚

Whose addicted? <raises hand>

2016_03_05_12_24_13_eBay_Feedback_profile_for_corellian_smuggler FF Collection CaU6NbMWwAEkV1v (1)

ebay 2016_4 ebay 2016_3 ebay 2016_2 ebay 2016_1

ebay 2016_5

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The Micro Museum – Ramsgate (Kent, UK)

Just a quick update to give a plug to a relatively new local retro gaming resource in Kent.
I popped along to The Micro Museum in Ramsgate yesterday.

http://www.themicromuseum.orgmm logo

What a great place.

Very helpful and knowledgeable proprietor who is happily willing to regale the stories of how he acquired all of the kit, most of it rescued and bought home on the back of a 250cc motorbike – Imagine that with an Osbourne 1!!!
For a couple of quid you will spend an hour or so walking around pointing and stating: Got… got... got… WANT… got…
So nice to see our beloved machines in an open environment for everyone to appreciate, rather than cooped up in our spare room & lofts ๐Ÿ™‚
Pop along if you are nearby, or even if you have to travel a bit, it’s worth it.

Ramsgate is a lovely little coastal town in Kent with a beautiful Harbour, beaches and Victorian sea front. Make a day of it during the Summer ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

micro museum ramsgate micro museum2

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Update: After GEEK 2015

GEEK 2015 was very disappointing for me. I know it is not a Retrogaming show per se, but it’s roots are firmly grounded in such things. It’s what made it popular and what made it what it is, to me at least.
This year was more Xbox One that Amiga A500. In fact there wasn’t a single ‘real’ computer in the house. Not a Sinclair, not a Commodore, not a BBC… very very disappointing.

sincombeeb GEEK2015  NO ENTRY

Now, I don’t want to in any way discourage any sort of Retrogaming events, but the organisers should understand that it’s not all about consoles.
If it appears to be the way this show is going then I am unlikely to even attend next year ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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GEEK 2015

GEEK_Play banner

It’s that time of Year again… time to get your GEEK ON!

Game Expo East Kent is a retrogaming extravaganza that lands towards the end of February every Year.

A feast of games machines to play with, to your hearts content. My Ticket is booked for the Saturday…

Like retrogaming? Live in Kent? you have no excuse… GO GEEK! ย ๐Ÿ™‚

For more info head over to

geek 2015 web



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So many games… so little time…

Can’t believe it’s been nearly a Year since I posted anything retrogaming related, but it’s been a busy year and now I’ve got time again.

I picked up this sexy monster off of ebay today:-



But that’s just a clunky old original Xbox I hear you say!

NO! this is no ordinary Xbox, I have discovered the beauty that is CoinOPS!

Thousands, and I mean THOUSANDS of arcade/console and old school gaming machines are emulated in this awesome little package, bolted on to XBMC.

Naturally the first game I headed for was StarForce… the greatest arcade shooter ever designed, okay apart from Defender or Salamander or R-Type… okay well I just think it’s up there anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

star force ingame

A perfect arcade conversion. Smooth, silky graphics and sound… hours and hours of high scoring fun.

As I was in the S’s I noticed StarBlade. I haven’t played this since the arcades in the 80’s, but what a beautiful game. Fantastic speech synthesis too, for the time.




Staying on the S’s I had to have a go at Smash TV…

BINGO! more great fun.

Smash TV 20150124_145245

So yeah it took me most of the day just to get through a handful of games, just another few thousand to go.

Would highly recommend you google the CoinOPS emulators. I looks like these guys put a shedload of time to make this thing look so good, and to make it so easy for us to re-live our youth.

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F1 Masters Grand Prix Racing – Brands Hatch – 25th May 2014

Retro of a different kind this time… retro F1 racing.

Another passion in my life is F1, I love it. From a very young age, even before owning an Atari 2600, I can remember watching Formula 1. So I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit the home of Grand Prix racing at Brands Hatch and hear these original classic beasts make the most awesome sounds possible, echoing through the historic woodlands and bringing poetry to my ears.

Here’s some photographs of the great day out – Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

20140525_174137 20140525_174157 20140525_174211 20140525_174228 20140525_174307 20140525_174336 20140525_174352 20140525_174420 20140525_174519 20140525_174555 20140525_174602 20140525_174626 20140525_174659 DSC_0008 DSC_0015 DSC_0596 DSC_0597 DSC_0603 DSC_0687 DSC_0689 DSC_0691 DSC_0695 DSC_0696 DSC_0703 DSC_0707 DSC_0746 DSC_0754 DSC_0759 DSC_0761 DSC_0766 DSC_0773 DSC_0775 DSC_0780 DSC_0791 DSC_0795 DSC_0798 DSC_0799 DSC_0800 DSC_0801 DSC_0802 DSC_0803 DSC_0807 DSC_0809 DSC_0810 DSC_0811 DSC_0812 DSC_0823 DSC_0824 DSC_0839 DSC_0842 DSC_0844 DSC_0845 DSC_0847 DSC_0851 DSC_0852 DSC_0853 DSC_0864 DSC_0866 DSC_0871 DSC_0876 DSC_0880 DSC_0881 DSC_0930 DSC_0942 DSC_0943 DSC_0958 DSC_0989 DSC_0990

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Saturday on the C64

Fired up the little beige wonder today and had some fun ๐Ÿ™‚

Rick D C64 17052014 DSC_0592 BBTF C64 17052014 DSC_0589 ROBB C64 DSC_0577 Thrust c64 17052014 DSC_0581 Commodore 64 RType 17052014 DSC_0572 Giana Sisters C64 17052014 DSC_0564 Bulldog C64 17052014 DSC_0551bungeling, bay


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Commodore C64 on the Amiga.

I picked up a random bit of kit from fleabay today. A Commodore C64 emulator that runs of a real Amiga. Here it is on my A1200.

Kinda funky ๐Ÿ™‚

My A1200 being a C64 14052014DSC_0536 Commodore on amiga BASIC 14052014 DSC_0528 Commodore A64 emulator 14052014 DSC_0527 C64 on the Amiga 14052014

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From little Acorns grow…

Sweet little underrated computers… ย ๐Ÿ™‚

Fired up my Electron this week, added a Plus 1 Interface and a shedload of games. Loving it so far!

Electron Meteors 30042014 Electron Countdown to Doom 30042014 Electron plus 1 30042014 WHSmith data tape recorder 29042014 DSC_0384 Electron old plot 26042014 Acorn Electron 26042014 Acorn Electron Thrust 26042014 Acorn Electron Boulder Dash 26042014

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Adopted another Commodore baby…

Okay she wasn’t the hottest chick at a party… but it is kinda cool.

Got myself a CDTV, basically an A500 in a sexy dress ๐Ÿ™‚

Gonna be fun!

Commodore CDTV 02052014 DSC_0446

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